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Lost Stories


The most renowned DJ and Music Producer duo ‘Lost Stories’ admired for their unconventional take on EDM and chart toppers, has put Indian Music on the world map. Meet Rishab Joshi and Prayag Mehta - The two halves of ‘Lost Stories’ who are best known for their ability to uniquely blend Indian Folk sounds with Electronic Music. The showstopper duo are the hypemen and wingmen for every setting who together as ‘Lost Stories’ never fail to be their absolute best.


Vineeth Vincent


A world-renowned beatboxer and a self - taught musician from India, Vineeth Vincent is also an emcee and a performing artist. He likes his beats to do the talking and he yearns to push his limits of human voice to achieve more. He is one of India's biggest beatboxers with over 1600 shows to his credit. He is also the presenter & host of the India’s biggest youth fest - the ‘Under 25 summit'.


Aakriti Narula


An expert in public speaking and crowd dynamics, Aakriti Narula is a professionally trained and experienced Emcee & Show Host. She has been around the entertainment and event industry for many years working across the country. The lovely lady brings life to every event by her charming face, her energy, intelligence & spontaneity. This manifests her love for anchoring.

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Anveshi Jain


Anveshi Jain is an Indian actress, known for her roles in online TV series like BOSS : Baap Of Special Services and Gandii Baat 2. Apart from being an actress, she is also a singer, motivational speaker, dating coach and an event hostess (EMCEE).

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