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Aakriti Narula - Master Of Ceremonies & Show Host

An expert in public speaking and crowd dynamics, Aakriti Narula is an experienced Emcee & Show Host. She has been around the entertainment and event industry for many years working across the globe. The lovely lady brings life to every event by her charming face, her energy, intelligence & spontaneity. This manifests her love for anchoring.

She has extensive experience of working with 180+ national & international brands and presenting them on many different platform settings.

A typical Libran trait is being indecisive and in her younger years Aakriti was the epitome of indecisiveness with absolutely no direction for a long time. She wondered what is it that she wants to pursue a career in her options ranged from journalism to simply joining the family business of construction and interiors. In the end she realised it was glamour that got her heart racing; modelling or acting but never in her wildest of dreams the idea of becoming a professional emcee occur to her.

Fed up with her daughter’s indecisiveness, her mother coaxed her to join the family business of interiors but that's something Aakriti just wasn’t passionate about. Finally she enrolled into college with her mind made up to pursue a career in Indian Civil Services but of course destiny had other plans.

Post her graduation while Aakriti was preparing for her civil service exams, her mother, who writes as a hobby, had her own book launch and as destiny had it the emcee didn’t turn up. Aakriti was handed the script and asked to take over the stage. With cold feet she looked at her mom and asked “are you serious?” Aakriti’s mom calmly replied “yes”. So she went on the stage and opened the show. Somehow it all came naturally to her. All the attendees thought she was a professional emcee. Soon she did another second show for Snapdeal.

Aakriti says “Initially it was easy money, but with time the money became bigger and so did the platforms. Two shows a month turned into 15 shows a month and I thought this is pretty cool. I am being paid to talk, I am being paid to travel, I get to meet all these really cool people and I am enjoying the limelight so why not just make a career out of this”. From there her journey began and there has been no looking back.

The beginning was not easy, as there was absolutely no one to guide her with how to give a filler if suddenly a situation arises where u need to cover up, how to engage, gauge and connect with the audience, voice modulation etc.

“I wasn’t aware that one has to hire their own photographer and videographer in order to build a profile. I would ask my mom to attend my shows and click pics and make videos of me. With time I learnt the tricks of the trade.”

Aakriti recalls the day 4 years ago when she was to co-host alongside Manish Paul and she had her heart in her stomach before the event, well and that turned out to be one of the events she garnered praise from all around .

After countless live shows and 7 years experience of experience she proudly boasts of some of the biggest shows and most prestigious brands in her kitty, she had delivered one of the most challenging events with absolute ease and enjoys the reputation of delivering flawless events with her perfect diction, pronunciation, wit and poise.

From the very beginning of her career she had the good fortune to work with prestigious brands and on big stages.

“When you really want something the entire universe aligns itself to deliver it to you.”

To an outsider anchoring looks like a bed of Rose's of course it has it's own perks but going on stage and delivering a flawless event involves hours of hard work and home work one needs to grasp the essence of the brand in order to deliver a good show when you are on that stage you are the face of the brand, you talk for the brand and you represent the bran. The entire show is running on your shoulders and there is absolutely no room for error and no matter what the show must go on.

“I remember hosting an event with a bad case of typhoid. I was having antibiotics and GluconD everytime I would get off the stage but no one in the audience nor the client could tell that I was extremely unwell.”

There are late nights and early mornings but then again thats the life of an artist and the artists are crazy people they embrace this life and they love it.

She says “I start my day with gratitude for this life and count it as a blessing, infact I think everyone should. We may not realize but there is so much to be grateful for. Life is good, and I love every single bit of my stage life and real life, the stage definitely gives me an adrenaline rush.”


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