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Actor/ Singer - Anveshi Jain

ANVESHI JAIN is an Indian actress, known for her dominant roles in online web series. She has been a part of various TV Shows and movies. Apart from being an actress, she is also a singer, motivational speaker, dating coach and an event hostess (EMCEE).

“Mother told me a couple years ago, sweetheart settle down and marry a rich man. I said ‘Mom. I am a rich man’.”

Born on 25th June, 1994 in a small town of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. Belonging to a highly educated family having Ph.D degrees, her both parents are professors. Walking on the same lines Anveshi did her Engineering which was nothing less than a nightmare for her. After that when she enrolled for MBA, she soon realised that would be wasting more time in life by pursuing further studies. The only thing she feared the most was to get her fees paid by her parents and get under the pressure of getting married right after her Post Graduation.

Anveshi Jain aspired to do something enterprising in life. So after dropping out, she started her own venture of product designing in Indore. She tried to surprise her parents by unveiling her entrepreneurial side at the inauguration of her business. But they didn’t really appreciate & approve of it.

Yearning her parents’ validation, Anveshi went on to became an emcee - hosting weddings, events, corporate shows and concerts. She enjoyed & loved the job which she continued to do for 5 years. But then came a point when she began to feel the urge to do something more creative and progressive.

She Says, "I'm quite sensitive about my emotions and what my mind is trying to tell me, So I always reason with myself by asking questions and answering them in my diary. And my inner voice was shouting out loud that it’s time to switch the profession again.”

"I am too full of life to be half loved”

She decided to move to Mumbai with the money she had saved from hosting events. But life wasn’t in a mood to favour her yet. The flat where she resided in Indore, caught fire & got completely destroyed. Suddenly, she had no roof over her head. It was all gone in the blink of an eye. The money she had saved, the memories and worldly things she loved including her pet dog, Myra.

Despite the fact that this incident had shook her up, she gathered herself together and decided to chase her dreams. With a pair of clothes, a handbag and Rs 1850, she confidentially moved to Mumbai without telling her family and changed her profession to media.

For the first few months she was taken care in mumbai by her acting guru and his lovely wife. With an ambition to pursue acting, she kept trying hard to crack auditions on a daily basis. But also continued her profession as an emcee in Mumbai and Indore.

"I am the woman who was criticised for the role I played. But I'm also the woman who became most Googled because of it."

And one fine day, she was cast to play lead role in the second instalment of Alt Balaji’s successful web series ‘Gandi Baat 2’. This marked a turning point in her career & her life changed completely.

In her experience “It was a lot to take it all in. It all happened so fast it felt like a dream! Well that’s how you know Dreams come true. The life has been on acceleration since then and I’m very grateful.”

Anveshi has done various web series like Hear Me Love Me, Gandii baat 2, BOSS: Baap Of Special Services, Gudiya Ki Shaadi, Who's Your Daddy. She has also been a part of movies like Commitment and 'G'. She has featured in various Music videos and TV shows.

Before hitting the fame , I was on my journey to cater 29 million people via Facebook platform making vlogs on relationship issues and dating tips . I released around 38 videos and that was fulfilling. I am getting back to that again through my app which is available on both Android and iOS. That’s like soul food when someone says they needed to hear what I said ! That’s gold ,pure gold feeling .

I am member of PETA and I am strictly against Animal cruelty. I am soon planning to Open an NGO for Animals . I do visit orphanage and old age homes for the selfish reason of being consistently grateful and to remain grounded . Also that feeling of powerlessness when u cant change their lives motivates me to become so powerful that i can be a value addition in their lives .


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