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Samarps Released His First Single "Did I Do it Wrong" From The Album Tailored.

Samarps released his first single from the Album Tailored, this single is called "Did I Do it Wrong," which is available to stream on every music streaming platform.

Samarps says "This song is written from the perspective of Mothers, and this can unfortunately feel even harder for single mothers. There are many conflicts and pressures that single mothers go through that other families may not experience firsthand. The strength and resilience of single mothers is incredibly admirable, but it's also understandable to experience severe burnout or exhaustion."

In this song he has tried expressing nights of overthinking and the ways she comforts herself when the time isn't right, also how she's been treating others again in the midst of her own storms.

He says "This song is written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by me in my 12th bedroom studio.

I feel grateful that I get to share my work across the globe and getting into the process of building a small music community is beyond any blessing."


Samarps is a multi-instrumentalist, English Singer-Songwriter hailing from Punjab. He is influenced and motivated by many artists who’ve made their way through the odds with consistent music legacy. His music shares the vibes of Pop, Reggae, soul and R&B.


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