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Nandan Coffee:  From Our Farm To Your Cup, Because Great Coffee Starts With Greatcare For The Land

Nandan Coffee is a sustainable coffee brand that roasts coffee as per your preferences

in their organic estate in Kodaikanal.

Nothing says Good Morning better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Nandan coffee is now in Jio World Drive, serving sustainable

coffee from farm to table.

Nandan Coffee scales up operations by opening a new café at Jio World Drive and rolls out its farm to cup initiatives

When it comes to coffee, Nandan Coffee takes sustainability seriously. With blends prepared using beans grown and roasted in their own certified organic estate nestled in the midst of the Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary, the quality of their beans is unquestionably good, as evidenced by awards

and accolades.

This Kodaikanal-based sustainable coffee company has been run by The Mariwala Family for three generations. Following the farm-to-cup approach, the organic coffee is roasted & ground to order at the estate itself, allowing you to custom roast any of their Seven Blends . The visionaries behind Nandan are Hansraj and Hansa Mariwala who developed Nandan with one goal – to enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee with friends while protecting the environment. In 2012, the reigns were handed over to Shyam and Farida Mariwala who expanded the Nandan Collection, and introduced a Sister Brand, Yaraman Coffee Pvt Ltd

Today, Nandan Coffee is run by two sisters who endeavour to bring high quality Indian coffee to the forefront of the global coffee market. Generations have passed but their aim still remains the same – to enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee with friends while protecting the environment. They want to make sure Nandan is an everyday luxury - A sustainable, specialty coffee company who’s focus is on quality coffee and customer service. True to their statement, Nandan uses 100% recyclable packaging and is resaleable to protect the integrity of the coffee when opened.

Recently, Nandan Coffee opened an immersive café inside The White Crow Books and Coffee at Jio World Drive. This location is a bookstore coffee shop with a unique open coffee bar setting. They installed the first Modbar in Mumbai and the second in the country, which is currently one of the best coffee machines on the market. There is no barrier between the consumer and the barista, customers may really immerse themselves in the coffee brewing process. This concept is an extension of Nandan Coffee's transparency and traceability principles, as Nandan customers can always trace their coffee's origins back to the Nandanvan Estate.

“The motivating factor for us is our customers. I truly believe a good cup of coffee is one of the simple pleasures in life and creating great experiences for our customers is what is truly motivating. Whether our retail customers have finally found a blend they enjoy or our café and restaurant partners have repeat customers come back because of the quality coffee they serve - it's motivating to know how one good cup of coffee can have a positive impact someone's day. Another motivating factor is the sanctuary that our estate has become. As a family and brand we've always been extremely passionate about the environment and animals and knowing that Nandan fosters and preserves biodiversity is truly motivating.” says, Yahvi Mariwala.

The goal is to expand their e-commerce presence and create truly great coffee experiences in India and around the world, a key player in the e-commerce and direct-to-consumer specialty coffee business. Freshly roasted coffee sent directly from the source to the end user - or, as they like to say, "from our farm to your cup”.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you like your blend Royale, Gold, Espresso, Southern special, raw or Turkish, Nandan has something for everyone - exceptional coffee and exemplary customer service, all the while maintaining the highest standards of sustainability at its core.


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