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Mr. Milk By Mittal Dairy Farms

Q1. How is A2 Desi cow milk different from regular cow milk

Ans. Many types of proteins are naturally found in milk. Beta-casein is a type of protein that accounts for about one third of the total milk protein. However, it is the type of beta-casein protein that is believed to make the difference. All cows produces beta-casein protein but Indian native breeds, produces pure A2 beta-casein protein in its milk. Research has shown that A1 and A2 proteins digest differently. Scientific evidence shows that the different protein fragments produced have an impact on digestive function of the human body. Most of the hybrid cows' milk has A1 type of beta-casein protein that produces BCM7. A report, published in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2012, indicates that BCM 7 is associated as a risk factor for type-1 diabetes, coronary heart disease and mental disorders like autism and schizophrenia because it may enter your brain through blood. A human clinical trial conducted at Curtin University in Australia did prove that there were significant differences in digestive symptoms between milks containing A1 and A2 beta-casein. It has been approved that certain unwanted proteins or peptides that do not naturally occur in the human body may cause digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome or a weak gut.

Q2. One reason that you think that made your current customers switch to A2 Desi cow milk

Ans. Consumers have always been looking for genuine and trusted A2 Desi Cow milk from a single source. We are able to provide the same with transparency in our process and consistency in our quality.

Q3. What made you take the pledge to change the way milk is produced, processed, and consumed

Ans. Unfortunately, milk is adulterated throughout the world. Possibly because of demand and supply gap, perishable nature and profits. This adulterated milk, preservative and traces of growth hormones in the milk have adverse effects on people’s health. Looking at the entire dairy industry scenario and with the passion to provide the highest. Quality of milk to people, we launched Mr. Milk which is procured from our very own desi cows in an automated process wherein the milk is completely untouched by human hands and delivering it to the customers in its purest form.

Q4. Which Cow breeds are present at the farm and how does the farm takes care of them? How many cows does the farm currently have?

Ans. We have 350+ Desi Cows at the farm. These are Gir & Sahiwal breeds. We have set up various facilities for our cows to keep them happy and healthy like planned & nutritious diet, massage brushes, fresh drinking water, shower tunnel, open housing – cows are never tied, the calves are always close to their mothers

Q5. Can you tell us about the technologies that are being used in the farming and processing facilities?

Ans. For Food: We have a TMR (Total Mix Ration) where different feed is loaded as per the diet Requirement ratio set by the nutritionist. The feed is mixed and given to the cows. This takes care of the diet Requirement.

For Water: We have automatic water troughs. Which works on an automatic level sensor. So that the cows have enough and fresh supply of water to drink.

Open Paddocks: Each shed has an open paddock where cows can enjoy a sunbath whenever they feel like.

Soft Bedding: The sheds have a soft bedding for comfort. Rather than concrete bedding.

Massage Brush: There are massage brushes installed in the sheds, where the cows can simply stand and get themselves massaged.

Sprinklers: We use water sprinklers which are activated once the temperature rises and humidity is dropped.

Cooling Fans: These large dairy fans keep the cows and the shed cool during hot climate.

Shower Tunnel: Cows pass through these shower tunnels while going for milking. This keeps them clean and fresh.

Automatic Milking: Our fully automated milking parlour is made by DeLaval, a Swedish company which pioneers milking technology over the world. The milking clusters give a hand massage like stimulation for milking. The milking action is similar to hand milking or a calf suckling.

Packaging: We use Paper Cartons to pack our milk over Plastic / Glass bottles.

Q6. How do you think the Dairy industry is affected during the pandemic and what is the future of the dairy industry according to you?

Ans. People have become conscious about the hygienic conditions at the dairy farms and safety of products during the supply chain. We have quite benefited as our process is automatic and human touch free. Moreover, our delivery boys are under our control who are trained with all covid safety precautions.

Dairy Farms which are owned and operated by individuals who are not collecting milk from third party sources and can assure quality, hygiene & safety of the product along with uninterrupted supply will benefit in the long run as we are already seeing that paradigm shift amongst consumers.

Q7. How does the supply chain work at Mr. Milk

Ans. We have our own refrigerated vans and delivery network. The milk is distributed to various hubs in the city and is distributed from there to the customers doorstep. Our delivery team have a mobile app to mark their orders which gives a live update to customers on their mobile app

Q8. Is Mr. Milk looking forward to expanding its product line?

Ans. We have many products planned like A2 Buttermilk, A2 Dahi and much more.

Q9. Throw some light on the eco - friendly packing that Mr. Milk has

As our responsibility towards the environment, we at Mr. Milk avoid plastic in most of our products. Our milk comes packed in paper cartons, which are eco-friendly and tamper proof.

For Ghee, we use glass jars which can we reused in the kitchen and also helps in maintaining the aroma and flavour of the desi cow ghee.

Q10. How many customer base does Mr. Milk have currently?

We are currently serving around 2000 households in Pune & PCMC

Q11. Do you have plans of entering the retail space in the near future?

Mr. Milk is currently available in Modern Trade stores like Dorabjees and Fine Foods. We look forward to expand our presence in stores across the country soon.


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