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Asahi Kasei ‘share(s) the praise’ with India through its first ‘gratitude’ brand film & campaign

India-wide release, March 2021: Asahi Kasei Japan’s no 1 premium wrap and foil brand has launched its new customer-centric brand campaign titled #ShareThePraise. Having made a mark recently by winning the Industry leadership award for ‘Preferred Premium Kitchen Cooking and Food Preserving Sheets Brand’, this unique ‘gratitude film’ will be a first for the Japanese brand in India; and is dedicated to all customers who have helped the brand become the country’s most preferred brand its category.

The #ShareThePraise campaign revolves around thanking and encouraging customers to share a fond memory where they accomplished something thanks to another person, much like the praise they have shared with Asahi Kasei during the pandemic, for helping with their kitchen woes. Via this, Asahi Kasei aims to capture genuine stories of celebrities and loyal customers who use Asahi Kasei products, encourage others to do the same, so as to build a community of goodwill in this otherwise ‘trollsome internet’. The first step in this campaign is a heartfelt brand film featuring well-known faces from all walks of life such as Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar, Actor- Mother Neha Dhupia, Actor -Model Shreya Chaudhry of Bandish Bandits fame, and Dreamzkrraft Wedding Planning award-winning CEO Prerita Puri, who will be seen exchanging stories of their success and sharing the praise with someone close to them who helped them achieve this excellence.

2020 saw massive success for the Asahi Kasei, as it received much recognition in India for its superiority in parameters such as track record, range of products and services, ability to adapt to changing business climate and policies etc. amongst other factors. Despite Covid 19 crisis, Asahi Kasei India has thrived and retained the market position in the pandemic, as its premium wrap, cooking sheet, and frying pan foil became a huge boon during the lockdown for health-conscious homemakers, working women, and anyone else on the go. The brand became a deep part of many precious moments for its consumers who found it extremely convenient to use, and save on time that can be used to pursue other interests. We received great feedback during the pandemic, as our innovative products proved revolutionary for the Indian Kitchen. By combining convenience and good health, we became sous chefs for Asahi Kasei, Japan’s No 1 premium wrap and foil brand, first entered India in 2014 and steadily made its way to every native kitchen. The company manufactures three main food-related products that are available in the Indian market – Premium Wrap, Frying Pan Foil, and Cooking Sheet - bringing the Japanese way to store, cook and bake to Indian kitchens. These products have been in use in Japan for the last 50 years - a testament to their utility and quality over the years.

They are most recognized for their built-in cutter technology across all products and also the Premium Wrap, which helps keep food airtight, blocks moisture and odor, thus ensuring the food stays fresh for longer. It is also the perfect solution for leftover food as it keeps everything fresh. Their cooking sheet allows one to bake treats with no grease, no sticking, no-hassle, whereas the frying pan foil is a must-have brand in every household to enjoy healthy, oil-free, and guilt-free cooking. All their products are designed to meet the trends of changing lifestyles by making baking fun, cooking healthier and the food fresher.

Mr. Luve Oberoi, Marketing Manager India, mentions, “It’s been a great journey for the company since inception, and winning this award has cemented our position in India. It fresh longer, help avoid food wastage, and support oil-free cooking for a healthy lifestyle via our premium. As a brand, our prime focus is to preserve food and keep products. The daily needs of Indian housewives and working ladies, while also preserving their taste and cooking habits. In this campaign, we wanted to appreciate all our Indian customers who have shown us so much love, and helped us achieve our goals as a company by partnering with our vision to ensure India eats nutritiously and well.” Asahi Kasei aims to bring more innovative premium kitchen revolutionary products, that allow consumers to make their cooking healthier and kitchen time more efficient.


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