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Watch out other ensembles, long skirts are here to stay!

By Geetika Walia

It's the season of summers, of sun,

of easy breezy long skirts... Long skirts, eyyy... Yes, they can look outmoded & frumpy to many as they looked to me earlier, but I cannot stop wearing them now. Trust me, you can rock long skirts and look uber stylish by pairing them with the right pairings. Summers are here, beautiful girls! Take out all your long skirts; tight, flowy, slip, side slits, pleated, sarong style, asymmetrical, tulle, draped.... basically, all that your wardrobe has to offer.

And if we are not owning any long skirt, what are we doing? Summer sales and discounts are here... All the street style fashion brands have lots to offer. Go get yours, because you don't wanna miss wearing them this summer.

If you are worried that long skirts may make you look a little too dowdy or too prudish, strict and covered up, then I got you solved with some of my current favorites, beautiful ladies.

Sheath silhouette: Without a doubt, a tight skirt looks oh-so sexy. It's going to emphasize the shape and outline of your legs which makes these skirts stand out and look modish.

Side slits: Nothing like a good thigh high slit in a skirt! Whatever shape your skirt is, a slit instantly gives it a fashionable and a stylish edge; not at all too covered up or grandma-style, whatsoever!

Tulle: Oh, come on! How can we forget the opening scene from 'Sex and the City!' Carrie Bradshaw carrying the tulle with such a grace and panache; undoubtedly one of the most iconic outfits of SATC. A tulle can be recognized from quite a distance! This style never fades. The tulle was never just Carrie's, make it yours by owning one yourself! Dress it up or dress it can actually do a lot with them.

Flowy ‘A’ shape skirt: Perhaps, these are the most worn kinda skirts in our country. They can definitely make you look boring and shapeless. But as I said, don't forget to pair your skirts with the right pairings. Take the look up a notch by wearing a tube top, a bikini top, a tight top/bodysuit, a low-cut back or backless and even with a knotted t-shirt for a casual chic look. You do your creativity and rest, let the skirt do all the talking.

Perhaps, we got the gist; the more covered the lower body is, the skimpier you go on the upper body to avoid making it look too concealed and dowdy.

Long skirts never looked so stylish! Hopefully, you will be deep digging your wardrobes for the amazing long piece that you will be adorning for your next outing or maybe I got you convinced on your next purchase. Either ways, it's a win-win by making a fashionable statement with this summer staple.

Stay happy, stay in style till we meet next.


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