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Vagator Sees The Launch Of A New Experiential Restaurant Lounge Called RAEETH By Mumbai Hospitality

So, folks planning a quick getaway to Goa, say hello to Raeeth meaning rejuvenation which is exactly what this new experiential restaurant-lounge intends to do! The serial entrepreneurs behind several successful restaurants in Mumbai just launched Raeeth, in the most happening part of Vagator right next to the popular club Antares! Inspired by the parties in Tulum, Ibiza and Mykonos, Raeeth creates an atmosphere of effortless indulgence combined with live entertainment, art and music. Raeeth has recreated that luxe yet leisurely vibe with a level of playful and effortless indulgence which stimulates the senses and immediately puts you into a good mood with good food, ambience, music and cocktails. The group behind Raeeth are the co-founders of Bombay Adda and were also a part of many ventures in the nightlife space for the past 15 years in Mumbai ranging from Alibii, Hype, Playboy, Saizen and Kitty Su and they have great plans for conquering the Goan dining and nightlife segment.

“Raeeth is a unique concept of highlighting three aspects symptomatic of the Goan lifestyle – Eat, Relax & be Entertained! Alongside the calm shore, and with an upscale beach vibe – Raeeth is the definition of an eclectic experience,” said Anuj Chugh, partner.

Raeeth features a Mediterranean gastronomic delight. After a sun-soaked day, a delicious Mediterranean cuisine meal in the elegant ambience of RAEETH, is a must-try, rewarding, well-deserved treat: elegant, surprising and oh! so satisfying. Staffed with artisan chefs, master sommeliers and talented pastry chefs, the RAEETH Restaurant builds bespoke lifetime experiences of fine dining and extravagant leisure. The casual, relaxing yet lively lounge, presenting mixology concepts to curated cocktails rooted in handmade recipes with elaborated garnishes with custom elements ensure that you have a truly bespoke experience as you sip on one of the Raeeth recommended cocktails. Think you are in Goa and cannot find a good bottle of wine? Think again! The restaurant’s wine list is beyond a fine collection of spirits: It reflects the Raeeth philosophy that wine is an integral part of a bespoke dining experience, tailored to each guest’s individual palate. Think that is it? Oh no, there is more! After a rewarding meal, for guests that wish to indulge in an ethereal shisha experience, RAEETH shisha sommeliers prepare a ritual of pleasurable whiffs, featuring carefully selected flavors that complement the restaurant’s tastes. If privacy is your jam, the VIP restaurant area, thoughtfully secluded from the main restaurant, is infused with the air of freedom, allowing VIP guests to explore the tastes and aromas of the Mediterranean in utmost privacy.

“The goal for the menu was to incorporate the local freshness into popular favourite dishes. Raeeth food is bold, which varies from Mediterranean to grills, wood fire pizza & a variety of homegrown sauce which influence to make mouth-watering delicacies with visually appealing presentation,” said Gaurav Parikh.

The elegant yet vibrant ambience and food is what creates Raeeth but the music is what defines Raeeth. Commencing the evening with the “sundowner” vibe by the pool side with the resident DJ & Musician jamming together creating an Indie, Disco & House vibe with an interactive performance where guests get involved and get firmly entrenched in this entertainment experience. Then, Raeeth showcases its “dining experience” alongside a carefully curated choreographed light and performance with an upbeat high tempo house music vibe. As the night progresses beyond dinner, Raeeth moves from dinner zone to the “showdown”, where the mood lighting of the dining experience turns into an experimental party space keeping the vibe groovy all night with progressive house & melodic techno music.

“Raeeth will represent the true essence of music in the hub of Goa, with international acts during the weekend & independent musicians to superb DJ’s giving an enchanting and nocturnal aura,” said partner Vicky Chugh.

Chef Rakesh Talwar, hailing from ITC Mumbai and after various stints in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and USA along with Chef Abhishek Gayaan have come together to give us a great blend of international cuisines. While Goa is the land of the sea foodies and Raeeth is no exception to that rule. However, vegetarians would be rather delighted to sample the Narangi Kofta Curry, a sweet tangy and mandarin flavour curry along with vegetable and cottage cheese koftas, served with chilli garlic naan. Next on the vegetarians delight is the Poii platter which will make you feel like you have transported yourself to the mezzes from Lebanon. If you want something authentically Goan, the Vegetable Xacutti served the Raeeth way is the delicacy of choice; or go for the Mushroom poi toast, the best-selling appetiser paired well with a glass of Chardonnay or the Patraon’s Surprise, which as the name suggests, is a gastronomical delight. For the non-vegetarians, catch your breath because theres a huge list of delicious items waiting for you. For the chicken lovers, the Habenero chicken roulade is a winner consisting of rolled up pulled chicken unfolding an array of spice and flavour or The Emperor’s chicken tikka – fiery and gives you that extra kick, served with yogurt and mint sauce. For the seafood aficionados, the Red snapper will snap away those blues with its mild but citrus taste. The Tiger Prawns or the Salmon Crispy Wontons are the other favourites on the menu are sure to keep you coming back for more.

After a rewarding meal, for guests that wish to indulge in an ethereal shisha experience, RAEETH shisha sommeliers prepare a ritual of pleasurable whiffs, featuring carefully selected flavors that complement the restaurant’s tastes.

“The bar experience will be Raeeth’s crowning glory. Raeeth shall offer a wide variety of handcrafted cocktails & mocktails all in keeping with the energetic ambience. Some of our signatures such as ‘Wake me up’, ‘Golden mine’, & ‘Baby lips’ will have you dancing the night away,” stated partner Ketul Parikh.

Raeeth is making Goa and especially Vagator sexy with its enchanting cabanas, its poolside vibe, the performance based dining experience and unforgettable food and cocktails.


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