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The Mahindra Group presents the ‘Mahindra Percussion Festival’

The Mahindra Group presents the ‘Mahindra Percussion Festival’ to celebrate the diverse percussion sounds of India and the world


The day-long festival will enable millennial audiences to explore and experience the diversity of the various forms of percussion music from India and the globe.

Throughout India, the Mahindra Group has forged long-lasting connections with artists, musicians, and cultural initiatives that have positively impacted lives beyond corporate boundaries. Staying true to its ethos, the company is now introducing its brand-new cultural festival in Bengaluru - the ‘Mahindra Percussion Festival.’ Promoted & Produced by Hyperlink Brand Solutions, the festival will be a celebration of Indian and global percussion music and art forms that reverberates through people’s hearts in India and around the world at Bengaluru’s iconic Jaymahal Palace on 18th March 2023.

From the earliest times, drums and their rhythms have been at the centre of social and cultural activities worldwide; it is said to be our oldest musical percussion instrument. Percussion and drumming are among the most infectious artistic movements that break down all barriers of language, caste, creed, race, gender, genre, and nationality, connecting people into one large community. Percussion ensembles making music together in a group can be a unifying experience, encouraging self-expression and camaraderie as well as lots of hands-on fun!

The festival intends to be a first-of-its-kind platform that will traverse various music genres, all led by the beats of percussion and celebrate the heartbeat of music by bringing together timeless rhythm and lending it to contemporary perspectives. The festival will feature performances by a motley of homegrown and international percussion artists, who promise to envelop the audience in a powerful, everlasting spell of percussion rhythm. It further seeks to serve as the stage that will foster never-seen-before interesting collaborations with ensembles from around the globe. Crafted to extend beyond just music, Mahindra Percussion will be an all-around sensorial festival enthralling audiences with a curated food and beverage experience complementing the festival's high-spirited vibe.

Jay Shah, Vice President - Cultural Outreach at Mahindra Group, said, “With Mahindra Percussion, we intend to create a world-class cultural experience with a clear focus to democratise various percussion art forms. Aligning the brand Mahindra with the percussion art form and its sub-cultures, we aim to connect and empower communities globally while promoting inclusivity and equality. And with many more future editions, we hope the festival becomes a mainstay of the Indian percussion soundscape.”

Ranjit Barot, renowned drummer and music composer, added, “India is the rhythmic centre of the Universe. I’m thrilled to be able to present this aspect of our unique culture to our audience. From swing to hip-hop and beyond, the DNA of all things current lies in the past. We now share this with you. Come and feel the heartbeat of our country, and it’s a connection with the rest of the world”.

“Evoking a celebration of rhythm that deeply stirs human emotions, the Mahindra Percussion Festival is a uniquely mesmerising culmination of music, food, festivity, and culture with the power of percussion and expression at its core.” said VG Jairam, Founder of Hyperlink Brand Solutions.

Registrations for the festival are open - log on to to book your tickets now!

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