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The All New EVE, Powai - Haute Interiors, Laidback Conversations & Artisanal Cocktails.

The All New EVE, Powai - Haute Interiors, Laidback Conversations & Artisanal Cocktails Invite you to this ever Refreshing Space!

Powai’s culinary landscape has another ‘Eve’ to celebrate! This kinetic space has everything that the best SOBO restaurants can offer - A chef & mixologist-driven space, suave interiors and the perfect vibe for celebrity spotting!

This upscale neighbourhood of Powai which once housed the legendary Indigo Deli, has only a prominent successor to look forward to! The team which is a part of some of the city’s favourite restaurants like Donna Deli, Blah, Kyma & London Taxi have put together a perfect space for the young creative professionals, outgoing residents and the large corporate culture that surrounds Powai. From the house of Monarch Liberty Hospitality & its founders Sumit Govind Sharma, Pawan Shahri, Nikita Harisinghani & Dhaval Udeshi, Eve aims to offer a cuisine agnostic yet ingredient focussed menu paired with technique forward cocktails.

“With the library, greenery, calm ambience and cuisines we’ve built an inclusive space for anyone who wishes to spend some quality time with friends or themselves, because as we all know a great book and a steaming cup of coffee always makes for the best company.” says Sumit Govind Sharma, Founder

“We believe that we are in the business of creating atmospheres that evoke a feeling of comfort and warmth. We want people to feel this space as an extension of their living room, and come here for hours together - to drink, eat and hang, all day!” says Nikita Harisinghani, Founder.

In today’s age, a restaurant is playing many roles for a customer - its food, drinks, mindset, entertainment and the feel-good factor above everything else. We’re sure that Eve will put this forward in the best way possible to our audience” says Dhaval Udeshi, Founder.

“Powai as a market is evolving and the people there have to travel all the way to Bandra to BKC to get access to premium-casual dining spaces. Eve, will be a gamechanger in this culinary landscape and offer an all day vibe for guests to come and hang here across various time slots and moods” says Pawan Shahri,


About The Interiors:

As you take your first step in the modern-day premium casual dining space, you’re welcomed by a vintage doorway, a 30ft high library wall that houses over 4000 books with a spiral staircase in the centre that takes you to the first floor. A 7000 sqft space with an island bar, wooden flooring, cane-weaved seating, regal chandeliers, fabric lamps and pretty corners that take your breath away. Decorated elegantly with splashes of bright colour, the airy space features the natural landscapes and diversity with a combination of wood, plants, ceramics and cane. The place gives you a sense of comfort, and a feeling of home that makes you stay - aiming to offer a more accessible, friendlier space for people to socialise at.

Eve’s beautiful interiors have been designed by the Mumbai-based firm, KNS Architects alongside our founder Nikita Harisinghani. KNS Architects is known for their distinguished projects such as the Soho House Mumbai, Kardmum Junction Banaras in Milan Italy, Mahek in Hyatt Dubai and have also designed many celebrity homes.

About The Food:

With a cuisine-agnostic approach, at the helm of all kitchen affairs is the talented chef Sanket More, with his previous stints at The Bombay Canteen & O-Pedro. Having entered the kitchen from a young age to satisfy his own cravings he’s come a long way to concocting the perfect dishes to satisfy the palates of the oncoming visitors. Like a true master and lover of his craft, he believes in constantly reinventing, observing the people around him, and taking up new and improved cooking techniques to always keep the creativity flowing in his dishes and deliver the best on the plate.

The visionaries behind Eve believe in providing a rich experience but in a sustainable manner. The produce & ingredient forward menu is a reflection of the same, from the beautifully crafted salads to the sous vide cooking methodology and a zero-waste policy to support the local communities, the innovative menu is designed to promote seafood diversity, sustainable fisheries, and healthy oceans, whilst sourcing only the highest quality ingredients to create vibrant and exciting culinary delights. Coming from the chef’s list of personal favourites and in-house specials is Brick pressed Chicken with Fresco Pepper Sauce with Herbed Potato Mash and Garlic Juice, and Pink Peppercorn-Infused Chicken Tikka.

But if your heart is still not content then the Mock Meat Kheema Pao, Britain-Inspired Citrus Fish and Chips, the Trio of Hummus, Wild Mushroom Risotto, and Eve Garlic Prawns are our absolute favourites.

Talking about keeping things creative in the kitchen, chef Sanket More comments, “Experimenting and balancing the flavours is a key for a great dish. Every country and region has a huge variety of predominant ingredients and a restaurant is a place where your staff is usually a mix of eclectic people covering a different part of the country and working at different places, so getting inspired while taking the briefings and brainstorming on a variety of ingredients and mixing things is a fun a way to keep your creative juices flowing.”


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