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Shifa Merchant

Shifa Merchant, a fashionista, has received immense accolades and appreciation for her fashion and style. She has also taken on the travel world by a storm. Blogging is super special to her because it lets her inner DIVA out by allowing her to style her way into ones hearts & lives and also bring to you her take on so many different topics like fashion, lifestyle, travel etc. Her blog is a reflection of her inner self, and she thrives to bring the real girl charm through her styling and articles on Sassy Shif Says.

She is known for her casually cool yet playful Airport OOTD's and fashionable travel photos. ‘Sassy Shif Says’ is a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog that was born out of my desire to bring her sassiest reviews right from fashion to beauty, travel to films.” Her global travels have become the talk of the town, especially on her social media pages.

"I'm moving towards a new destination but it's always the journey that excites me."

While growing up, apart from the formal education, her parents always supported her in pursuing her creative dreams, be it dancing, writing, hand modeling (yes she has earned her first paycheck as a hand model), joining drama and theater groups. Thanks to their unending support, she somehow knew that she does not have to be burdened to become only a doctor or a lawyer as most members of her family. It was during her college days that she realized she has a knack for social media and marketing. Her love for movies immediately pulled her towards the magical world of Bollywood and soon after she completed her post-graduation, she was working full time as a Bollywood Film Marketeer at one of the biggest stables. Over there she learnt the magic and power of social media and how marketing a film through these online mediums actually translates to literal real supporters for life and how important it is to leave a mark on upcoming films through the right kind of online teasers and online announcements. Soon she realized that online media is going to be one of the most important mediums of communications and she enjoyed creating content around this space, for different audiences.

Shifa says “My blog 'Sassy Shif Says’ ( was a direct outcome of my passion for this space and it still continues to be my labor of love! I'll admit initially this wasn't easy at all as I started to juggle between a full-time job and getting up at 5 am just to work on my blogs. I had always wanted to start something of my own where I get to write, travel the world and create content for my readers, my repeat readers who trust my words when it comes to reviews about any place! When the day came to finally decide between my job or my dreams, I took a leap of faith and chose to follow my passion and quit my job. Back in the day, no one really understood what blogging is and hence I also became a point of mockery for many people including some of my ex-colleagues because no one really knew including me, how will I survive, will I be able to earn any money and how will I pay bills?”

She has had her own share of hate for trying to do something new and off-beat and she still continues to receive hate from random unknown accounts even today because people cannot stand to see other people succeed. She says “The right thing to do is focus all your energies on your self, your loved ones, supporters and your family and let karma handle the haters. It's true after all that you get back twice of what you do and it comes back to you in this life itself!” She is a firm believer of focusing on the positives in your life, keeping busy and adding value to your own life and to your loved ones so that you do not have a single second to let any kind of negativity affect you.

“Let Your Work Speak For Itself!!”

She had a simple phenomena in life - "LET ME TRY AND FAIL"! She didn't start her blog with an intention to succeed or to make money. She started it because creating content truly made her happy!

She had no clue that Sassy Shif Says will one day go on to become such a loved platform online. That’s exactly why She doesn’t take even a single day for granted, counts every small blessing and celebrate every small victory. She believes “you decide your vibe and you are your own sunshine!”

Be Prepared To Fail A Million  Times, But Give Up Not  Once!!

In the start, she has faced struggles, rejections, many disappointments as she did all of this single-highhandedly on her own without anyone's support, but she picked herself up and carried on with an inner belief that nothing good in life comes easy and one day her hard work will speak for itself. She happens to be the only Indian blogger who has bagged a prestigious international collaboration with "Warner Brothers Studio Tour LA” and New York Fashion Week.

When she looks back now she says “I'm So Glad That I Didn't Give Up!!”



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