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Sangeeta Ahir & Aishwarya Ahir Puts All Their Focus Into Building Energia Lifestyles

From movies to health & fitness - Sangeeta Ahir and her daughter Aishwarya Ahir put all their focus into building Energia Lifestyles in 2022

A filmmaker with a repertoire of various films from Golmaal again to the recent Suryavanshi, Sangeeta Ahir’s passion for fitness is well known across and her advent into the fitness industry through her company Energia Lifestyles is passionately driven to bring the finest national & international range of nutraceuticals for today’s lifestyle.

Energia Lifestyles has one goal – to bring quality fitness products and services to the forefront. Since its founding, Energia Lifestyle has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity and has become the go-to choice for fitness supplements of gym-goers across the country. Energia has been responsible for launching the NEED and RELOAD line of fitness supplements and protein in India. Energia is the brainchild of none other than the superfit Sangeeta Ahir and is now spearheaded by her daughter, also a fitness buff – Aishwarya Ahir.

“It is my passion to introduce new brands under the Energia umbrella. My love for fitness and all things in the health, nutrition, and fitness arena has led me to this path. I cannot wait to continue to bring world-class products to people through Energia and for people to realize health is the truest wealth,” says Founder, Sangeeta Ahir.

Spearheading Energia Lifestyles creative arm, Sangeeta’s daughter, Aishwarya or Ash as she is fondly known is encompassing new and challenging products under the umbrella of Energia in addition to the existing brands that Energia already has.

“Energia Lifestyles is a company that seeks to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of their products contributing to the definition of the consumer's way of life,” says Aishwarya on the motivation behind Energia. “My mother and I are committed to being on this journey – we want to build a company that is dedicated to this goal. We do feel that there are plenty of products out there that have not been given their due or there are products that we would like to bring to the forefront for everyone to be able to stay safe, healthy, fit, and energized!”

What started as a lookout for all things health and wellness related, landed up being an entrepreneurial venture between mother and daughter.

“I used to be on the lookout for healthy products for myself and when I liked something, I wondered why others didn’t know about it and how I could help to raise awareness of the benefits of the product,” said Aishwarya. “My mother like me loves to try and test new health-related products and that is how the idea behind Energia was born. We do aggressively undergo trials and testing that we do before introducing a product under the Energia umbrella or putting our stamp approval on it.”

Sangeeta and Aishwarya have lined up several products they would like to introduce under Energia ranging from Protein water, nutritional gummies, athleisure fashion lines to healthy ice creams!

So if you are making those health and fitness resolutions, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled on Energia Lifestyles as they take over 2022 and help you achieve your health goals this year!


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