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Sabir Bhai’s and WTF! come together to deliver a ‘never experienced before’ food pop-up experience!

2020 has officially been the year of new experiences and there’s no debate about it! To add to the list, Sabir Bhai’s; an Andheri-based Muslim cuisine focused cloud kitchen, and WTF!, a neighborhood bar that's been standing tall for a decade have joined hands to introduce Mumbai to its first-ever food pop-up between a cloud kitchen and a bar!

Chicken Russian Kebab

Sabir Bhai’s and WTF! have co-created a week-long menu for the pop-up that’ll run from 7th - 13th Dec’20, a menu that’ll change every two days. Apart from this, Sabir Bhai’s is also offering a special brunch menu that’ll run just on 13th Dec’20, brings the glorious flavors of kebabs, tikkas, and everything appetizing from the streets of Mohammad Ali Road while also following the safety and hygiene standards to perfection. The brunch menu is priced at INR 1000 plus taxes and includes signature dishes from the magnificent Muslim culinary space like Chicken Russian Kebab, Mutton Red Korma, Dal Gosht, Matar Malai Tikki, Paneer Kandi Kebab to name a few. You can end this wholesome meal with their dessert offerings like Firni, Kharik ka Halwa or Gajar ka Halwa.

Gajar Halwa

This menu is like a mini ride to the throbbing lanes of the city’s Muslim localities to experience the real taste of this deeply loved cuisine. In a nutshell, these dishes qualify for perfect comfort food, but with a classy twist!

Matar Malai Tikki

So, do visit this one-of-its-kind food pop-up to satiate your adventurous diner cravings for enjoying new cuisines. Because this experience is sure to give you a delicious surprise!


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