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Quarantine or quarantime; I couldn't help but wonder, 'is it me time?'

By Geetika Walia

What's wrong with spending time with oneself?! I think it should be everyone's natural necessity, something that the being should crave for! But I see, "I am bored in the house, in the house bored" or "when this quarantine is over, I am never going to say no for any outing with my friends" or even worse, they are comparing human beings to the animals in the zoo. Now there are comparisons everywhere on how the animals would feel in the zoo as humans are feeling at their homes. Uff... Home is not a zoo. Home is not a cage, for God's sake! It is a place where you evolve, where you grow, where you expand your horizons mentally, physically, spiritually... It is a place to go great guns!!!

One of the greatest examples of humans, being the most productive at home can be seen at the time of this adversity. I see people taking up art, workout, yoga, meditation, cooking, painting, reading, writing, poetry, music learning, et al, very seriously at the time of this pandemic. The quarantine is an opportunity, a forced vacation, of which unfortunately majority of the people wouldn't have the opportunity in the normal circumstances because we human beings are always taught to run, to chase, to chase big jobs, big money. Without this quarantine period a major c

hunk of people would be still living their lives this way; doing their 9 to 5 jobs & giving business to the restaurants in the evenings, take a good night sleep and repeat everything again next day. Sounds boring, right? That was apparently the majority of people's life earlier. Thank God, you have the luxury of time, you are having a life now! Live that! Enjoy that!

Slow down, breathe, it's a refresher to your hectic life. If you are living alone, no better time to introspect, to explore your inner self. And if you are living with your loved ones, spend time with them. It’s this 'quality time' that you were always craving for! It's a blessing in disguise, take it as a forced vacation. Don't crib.

Having said that, I am deeply sorry for the people and families affected by this pandemic. My heart goes out to all of them.

Big love to all!


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