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Meet Shonell Thakker A Brand Maker And Digital Influencer

Shonell, a successful digital marketing entrepreneur who's career path has been quite eclectic says that her writing has been one thing that tied her down.

"I have always been intrigued by the world of marketing and branding and enticed by the stories the brands tell so every choice I made led me to it even without me really knowing it consciously. I kept doing all that I found fun and hence the journey has been pretty good." she talks about her journey.

Digital growth on India has been quite exponential. Because it's a fairly new medium, it's quite easy to follow shallow trends.

But at Diquery, she prefer to follow a Brand focused approach that not only anchors the digital strategy but also amplifies the brand more effectively.

"Branding and marketing will always be at the core," she says. She is also diversifying into more active movie marketing avenues.

All her projects have been exciting rather than challenging. One of the most memorable projects is Singapore South Asian International Film Festival.

She isn't just involved with digital aspects but the entire value chain.

"Don't be driven by hollow trends. Focus on developing a core. Talk to people in the field and get as many points of views before making a decision," she suggests students who are striving for a career in digital.


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