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Ammata is a neoclassical concept space reminiscent of vintage European bars, inspired by art deco revival styles in architecture. The cafe space that transforms into a high end cocktail bar, infuses botanical and tropical elements in the indoors interspersed into the space design. With suspended green elements, art deco lamps and chandelier, the design renders a bespoke, robust and light hearted ambience conducive to serious dining and lends itself to becoming a high energy bar after sun down. The outdoor area is conceptually an extension of the indoor space with a casual high end vibe. The edge colour pallet of mauve and olives and a wooden panelled art deco bar are salient design features.

With the opening of Ammata, a restaurant-bar in Andheri, LOVE has a new address. Ammata, which means "love" in Spanish, is an all-day eating restaurant-bar with a focus on authentic European-Indian fusion cuisine and excellent drinks in an enchanted garden setting. The atmosphere generated will make you want to come back for more. Ammata is more than just a restaurant and a bar; it's a concept based on a passion for outstanding food, drinks, and the idyllic magical garden setting.

Ammata, is launched by MTRN Hospitality LLP in association with Suved Lohia Hospitality having 20 years of experience in the F&B space with places like Barrel Mansion, Pink Wasabi, Game Palacio, One 8 commune and many more, they are now ready to take Andheri by storm this festive season!

They have merged their abilities to create Ammata with the help of some of the most brilliant and bright hospitality specialists dedicated to creating a superb cafe experience. Their main strength is a thorough understanding of a diverse population's evolving dining preferences, as well as the ability to deliver scalable, high-quality cafe experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

“The idea is to come fall in love with Ammata. The reason behind it is a lovely scenic location, and we want our guests to fall in love with the hospitality service we provide, which includes a wide range of global cuisine and cocktails, making it a one-of-a-kind experience.” says Suved Lohia.

The hot favourites on the menu include a Sriracha hummus kulcha hors d'oeuvre with oven-roasted tomatoes, bocconcini cheese, and drizzled with sriracha hummus presented in an open taco form. With its fresh and creamy texture, the Burrata is a must-try, served with a Mediterranean olive salsa and chilled spiced Spanish soup. The Haleem Boreks, a 12-hour slow cooked Hyderabadi lamb with broken wheat and lentils, spiced with rose, cinnamon, and cloves in a dumpling with vegetable charcoal aioli and pickle raddish, are a crowd pleaser. Finally, don't forget about the Ashtray for dessert, which looks just like one but tastes incredible. Edible cigarettes packed with chocolate ganache are hidden beneath a Bailey Pannacota bed of Oreo cookie crumble topped with silver dust. The dessert is the meal's show-stopper, and it's served with elegance and style.

The Ammata Crusta, a concoction to fall in love with a mix of Brandy, sweet vermouth, and nostalgic vanilla honey for a finish, is a concoction to fall in love with. If Brandy isn't your thing, try the Spiced Elite, a spicy blend of blended whiskey and ginger honey with lingering Indian sweet and spicy flavours. With its refreshing yet agreeable flavours of melon, kaffir, lime leaf, and vodka, as well as a lingering bittersweet finish, the Hasty Melon is likely to become a crowd favourite. Lastly, if you enjoy tea, here is the ideal "tea-se" — the Chamomile Collin is a must-try evening Gin cocktail made with chamomile and honey.

“Helming from a construction and distribution industry networking for business made me travel and dine out lot, gradually it resulted in me becoming a connoisseur for good food and drinks and my passion made me venture into hospitality joining hands with Suved Lohia Hospitality this is the first of many ventures as we are planning a pan India launch with our first baby Ammata - we are going to thrive hard to make sure the patrons come fall in love with what we have to offer,” says Nitin Chawla, Director of MTRN Hospitality.

Ammata’s principle is simple: the strength of a fusion dish is attributed to a flavorful mix of European and Indian elements to give you a zingy vibe on a plate. The stunning green outside and the fancy indoor seating space and bar are set to be a new-found home for the fashion conscious, party goers, foodies, and beverage aficionados. Ammata’s concept is sure to rock Andheri.


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