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Let’s talk Chicken(ese) with POULT- Mumbai’s newest restaurant for all things CHICKen

The newest addition to the Bellona Hospitality Brand, POULT, with its tagline 'We Talk Chicken(ese)' is here to sizzle and glaze through its high-quality chicken dishes in a variety of avatars prepared by experienced Chefs. At Poult, you can bite into the goodness of Golden Crispy Chicken, made-to-order alongside sipping on your favorite beer, wine, the very innovative cocktails or bubble teas and shakes.

Complex, yet simple, more than meets the eye, layers of an onion, POULT is founded on an unabashedly strong identity which engages with its audience across various levels, through food, drink, playfulness, and dialogue. Serial Entrepreneur Prashant Issar, of Ishaara fame had one goal in mind to launch a QSR and to create a space that has an international appeal and is warm with a distinct personality that doesn't resemble a typical fast-food joint. And boy did he succeed – step into POULT, aptly named, and the space has a classic European pub vibe with a casual chic earthen feel and a bar in the center that seems to be focal point and screams upscale. The design approach is evident in that it has created a strong brand visual with graphics which are a quirky play on the name of the space and give the space a great recall for guests.

POULT offers products across three categories, viz. POULT - Golden Crispy Chicken, POULTER - Burgers, Sandwiches, Paninis, Wraps or The POULTEST - Indulgently crafted Gourmet Burgers. It is neutral, leaner and highly customisable across recipes. India is a largely chicken eating country and there is no fun without chicken. In the quick service space, there are not many players that offer high-quality chicken cooked by qualified chefs. Moreover, a hot and crispy chicken filet or burger demands a quality beverage. POULT fits well across formats like a restaurant, quick-service diner and kiosk. The products enable a wider customer base across demographics to dine-in, order-in or just grab-and-go. Not just that, you can enjoy your POULT with a side of a Virgin Mojito or any other Mocktails and even a craft Beer or a glass of Wine.

“POULT is a new concept in India – lounge in a beautifully decorated restaurant and enjoy good quality burgers, wraps, paninis and chicken! Some of our best sellers and must-haves are the Panko Chicken, the Grilled Chicken for the healthy ones, Gourmet Chicken Burgers and Chicken Wings. If you are a vegetarian, you will not be left behind at POULT – we have a fantastic range of the Exotic Paneer, the Double Decker Aloo Tikki or Hashbrown burgers,” says Prashant.

So, if you are a classic dude or gal and you like the chicken fingers, popcorn, tenders or drumstick, you can do all that with some fantastic varied sauces and condiments with the POULT spice special option. If you like yourself a burger, you can get yours grilled, baked, crusted with a variety of sauces to choose from. If you prefer a panini – you can get that too or simply get a wrap and yes you get all options from spinach to beetroot to whole wheat! Not in the mood for all that bread? No worries – they have rice bowls too! Want a side? Don’t want the typical fries or cheese sticks? How about the American favourite Tater Tots? Or the unforgettable taste of a fruity Bubble tea, a tiramisu shake, a passionfruit iced tea or a green apple Mojito!

Trust us when we say this POULT an experience not to be missed. Come CHICK CHICK’N it out.


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