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'Keventers celebrating Sweet Relationships - Since 1925'

The festive season of 2022 is extra special as Keventers turns 97 years!

Keventers, an iconic Indian Dairy brand with a legacy of 97 years best known for its Milkshakes and Ice-creams, has launched a Pan-India campaign called 'Keventers celebrating Sweet Relationships - Since 1925' which aims to showcase how Keventers has stood the test of times across generations and continues to be the glue that brings families together, celebrating shared experiences, in spite of the generational differences. The campaign shows how the meaning and experience of love may have changed across generations but the milkshakes loved across generations remain the same.

Aman Arora, Co-Founder, and CMO, Keventers says- “Every year we aim to become a part of our audience’s celebrations and try to bring the best of our culture and heritage to everyone’s doorstep. This year is extra special for us as we turn 97! Hence, to celebrate our journey this season of lights, we aim to make the celebrations sweeter with our exclusive in-store and online offers”.

Celebrating the last 97 years of Keventers, the campaign showcases how the three generations are divided by the idea of love, talking about what love is and comparing it with each other's experience of love, but soon they realize that even after a difference of opinions, there's always something that binds the generations together from time to time. This showcases the legacy of the brand that has been serving great experiences for such a long time with the aim of becoming a part of families and bringing the best of our culture and heritage together.

Special Offer being run at stores celebrating the brand turning 97 years:

1. Buy any Milkshake and get a Sundae @129

2. Buy any Sundae and get a second Sundae at 30% off

(T&C apply)


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