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How Keventers found the sweet spot for marketing to Gen Z in 2022

~ Launches a strategic pan India campaign K.O.A.T with the aim to throw spotlight on the budding talent of India ~

Keventers, creator of the iconic milkshake is India’s first very own ‘Made in India’ brand. Established in 1925 by Edward Keventer, Keventers then became famed for its milkshakes. Acquired by Ram Krishna Dalmia in 1940, it underwent great changes through the course of history. From supplying to the Indian army to becoming the preferred choice for Delhiites walking around Connaught Place. The brand was then revived in 2015 by Agastya Dalmia, Aman Arora and Sohrab Sitaram. Keeping the vintage tone alive with its signature glass bottles, the trio has completely revamped the brand in a way that makes it strike a chord with modern-day consumers. Presently Keventers has brand presence across India, Nepal, UAE, Oman and Kenya.

Keventers, is an iconic Indian Dairy brand with a legacy of 96 years best known for its Milkshakes & Icecreams. It is one of India’s few successful dessert brands, which over the years, has introduced unique and fun consumer-engaging marketing strategies that have ultimately positioned the brand as a favorite amongst the millennials and Gen Z. Following the success of The Bottle Design Campaign, which targeted the young design community in India, Keventers is back again with an all-new campaign named K.O.A.T i.e Keventers on a Thursday which targets Gen Z. The Pan India campaign starts from 28th July 2022 and includes the launch of KOAT music video which will be a visual treat for the audience alongside running fun offers where one can avail Classic Shakes @ Rs. 99​ and ​ Chocolate Shakes @ Rs. 129​ ​every Thursday at Keventers.

The inspiration and the story behind the multifaceted campaign KOAT, and the launch of the fun KOAT music video, is truly unique. The brand has partnered with Kritagya Sharma,an upcoming Hip-Hop artist based in Delhi who originally composed the track Keventers On A Thursday, which he released on Spotify in 2021. He went on to perform it in underground rap clubs in the city, where a fan recorded and posted it online. The song was shared multiple times on social media and caught the attention of the team at Keventers, which created a perfect opportunity for the brand to highlight the artist and merge his creation successfully with the brand's creative plans, targeted towards bridging the gap with Gen Z.

The overarching theme of the campaign is based on creating the feeling of FOMO amongst the young consumer base. Through this campaign the brand also aims to promote creative ways to highlight budding talent in India and simultaneously engage the young customer base in a fun and quirky manner.

The 360 degree campaign includes various channels like Social Media, Ads, Radio, and offline/online marketing strategies, through which the brand aims to create a stronger connection with the target audience.

Commenting on the campaign, Aman Arora, Co-Founder, Director and CMO, Keventers says As a brand, we value creativity, inclusivity and breaking barriers across all age groups Through our yearly campaigns, we aim to revolutionize the creative strategies at the brands front, and find interesting and collaborative ways to bridge the gap between our consumers and their expectations from the brand. In 2022 the brand's vision is to connect with the untapped talent across India, and find unique ways to give them a platform and highlight their talents, while also maintaining the authenticity of the brand.

In the past, the brand has successfully introduced various strategic creative moves to position itself as it is presently. Few of the earlier campaigns include The Bottle Design Contest where Keventers launched a nationwide design contest for their next bottle design. Targeted specifically to the design community including students, working professionals, and hobbyists, the contest provided a platform to the artists where they showcased their love for Keventers through their work. Donate Oxygen India where Keventers in association with Amba Dalmia Foundation Trust raised more than Rs. 1 Cr and assisted Delhi based hospitals with their efforts in providing critical care to COVID 19 patients, April Fool’s Day Campaign where Keventers launched a limited time period ‘Bhang Flavored Milkshake’, on the eve of the Holi long weekend; with a reveal on April Fool’s Day of how they had orchestrated a well-timed and aptly themed prank around a product that didn't really exist.

Through these successful campaigns,Keventers has successfully reinvented itself as a dessert brand that would appeal to the new generation.



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