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Evelyn Sharma - Bollywood Actress & Founder: Seams For Dreams

Evelyn Sharma is an Indo-German model and actress. She was born on July 12, 1986 in Frankfurt, Germany. She was pursuing studies in the field of business & language to have a real estate career in Germany. She then began her career as a model and walked several international ramp shows around the globe. As a model, Evelyn Sharma became interested in the field of acting and forayed into films.

Evelyn Sharma is also a philanthropist & often lends a hand for the welfare of poor & downtrodden. The actress co-runs the organization with her mother, who she credits for the inspiration to start such a noble cause. The NGO is called ‘Seams For Dreams’ bringing together the film & fashion industry, Seams For Dreams works for the poor. The organization encourages people to donate clothes to needy ones.

Evelyn’s charming personality has taken India by storm and her schedule is always filled with film shoots, speaking engagements, charitable efforts & glamorous industry events. With her commendable sense of responsibility at her young age and inspiring story of faith, Evelyn has been honored with many awards, such as the “Pride Of India” in 2017, named “Youth Ambassador” for Habitat For Humanity – India and was invited to speak at countless public events, including “The 65th National Prayer Breakfast” hosted by The Congress and The President of The United States Of America before more than 3000 international dignitaries.

Q1. How has your journey been from Hollywood to Bollywood Industry?

My debut was in the American film 'Turn left' in 2005 which marked the beginning of my career. After traveling the world as a model, in 2010 I finally reached Indian shores. I started doing a lot of TVCs, Print ADs and from one of my TVC, I was spotted & was offered a role in a movie. That's how I became a Bollywood actor! My debut film in Bollywood was “From Sydney With Love”! How funny that now, 10 years later, I am in love and engaged to a boy from Sydney! My breakthrough moment was, of course, with Ayan Mukerji’s “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” (YJHD) opposite Ranbir Kapoor, produced by Karan Johar! Having been part big multicast films like “Main Tera Hero” with Varun Dhawan or Imtiaz Ali’s Shah Rukh Khan - Anushka Sharma starrer “Jab Harcry Met Sejal” has been an absolute delight! I think people also still know me best as the “Sunny Sunny” girl from the film “Yariyaan” & I will love that song forever for it! By now I have been in over 15 films, I think celebrating your career milestones is super important because your fans will always love you most for those roles. Another movie very close to my own heart and to my fans is “Ishqedarriyaan” where I got to play a small-town girl from Himanchal and deeply connected to my Indian roots. I also always dreamt of doing an action role & was super excited to be part of the mega-blockbuster film “Saaho” alongside Bahubali superstar Prabhas!

Q2. How did you manage to set up your own career in Bollywood and at the same time set up two social enterprises? What is happening on the work front apart from acting?

I love being creative! My career as an entertainer and actor is fun and exciting! My non-profit organisation Seams For Dreams (SFD) and WIP Creatives bring me fulfillment to be able to pass on my knowledge and create awareness for a more caring & responsible approach to life. Currently at SFD we are busy with extending our support by providing appropriate clothing and other fabric essential to those in need. I’m also busy taking my creative agency WIP Creatives to the next level with some awesome new launches this week! So make sure to check out both these two websites and or simply browse through! Follow us on social media too, to be the first to get all the news and win amazing give-aways!

Q3. If you had to choose one career except acting, what would it be?

I am a Foreign Language Correspondent by degree and I wanted to work for the United Nations. I think I’ll still do that one day, just in a different way than I thought! I’ve always wanted to contribute to society and leave a positive impact with what I do. I’m confident that I can achieve this in the role of an actor, entrepreneur, wife, and mother. It is not your career that changes the world, it’s your small decisions every day.

Q4. How did you prepare yourself for action scenes in Saaho?

I really had to work hard to prepare for the action scenes in Saaho. It was one of the most challenging training programs I have ever done fitness-wise, but I loved how great I felt after pushing myself a little more. I did some MMA and kickboxing to get the movements right & lots of pilates to strengthen my core. Active sports are always top of my list combined with fun cardio activities like swimming or playing badminton.

Q5. Which project to date has given you most creative satisfaction?

Ishqedarriyaan! I got to really explore my Indian side and played a Punjabi girl from Himachal. It was absolutely beautiful! Make sure to watch this film, it’s available on Netflix all around the world!

Q6. What kind of roles are you aspiring to live on screen?

I have intentionally always kept my focus on comic roles as I believe in spreading happiness. Happiness is the ultimate aim of our lives and when I am onscreen I want to light up everyone’s face with my presence. I want the audience to laugh and cry and walk out of the cinema knowing there is going to be a happy ending after all. Over the years these roles have helped me grow as an actor and as a person. Every character you play in a movie has its own story and we actors are lucky to get to live that story of each character we play. Even if we are facing difficult times in our personal lives those onscreen characters always inspired me to stay happy and positive.

Q7. After a hectic day at shoot, how do you relax and rejuvenate?

In between my hectic shoot schedule, I always have to make time for a good holiday to relax my body and mind. A one hour of stress point massage is the best way to distress your body. Even a hot bubble bath, a nourishing hair mask, and a good book usually do the trick.

Q8. Where did you get the idea for Seams For Dreams? What made you pick the cause you work for?

Seams For Dreams was born on my birthday in 2015 and it’s been an absolute joy to watch how beautifully it has been growing over the past five years. At SFD, we bring together the film and fashion industry in India to help people in need, by giving back in style! SFD aims to provide appropriate clothing to the less privileged members of the society in India, by collecting second-hand clothing from all who want to support. Check out our website for more info on how we give your clothes a second life.

Q9. What is your mission behind SFD?

At Seams For Dreams, we want to spread awareness to reuse, recycle, and upcycle fashion. I personally want to encourage everyone to clear out the pieces of clothing from their wardrobes that they have not worn in the last 6 months. Such clothing can be donated and passed on to someone else who really needs it, giving new life to your old seams.

Q10. How do you collect clothes?

SFD collects your donations with it’s SFD Truck that drives around Mumbai once or twice a month to pick up scheduled donations. Of course, you can always drop off or send over your donations directly to our headquarters as well. Make sure to check out to know our guidelines for safe donation procedures!

Q11. How does SFD promote the idea of sustainability and recycling?

In India, there is still a bit of a stigma on wearing second-hand clothes, however, what we often don’t realize is that we have been wearing hand-me-downs all along! Whether it is borrowing clothes from our friends or siblings, or making new blouses for our mother’s beautiful sarees and lehengas that have been passed on to us. Growing up in Germany, I have always loved buying second-hand and vintage clothes. In fact, I believe you will find the most unique fashion pieces and designer pieces at a thrift store. Through SFD, I want to spread awareness about re-wearing clothes and preventing them from ending up in landfills. I believe Mumbai and other fashion forward places in India are already becoming the new hub for vintage fashion!

Q12. Why do you think it is necessary for everyone to reuse and recycle their clothing?

I believe it is necessary to take care of our mother earth. We have been abusing her terribly by consuming all her resources & not giving nature time to recover. We need to stop digging holes into the earth to take out more resources and then fill them up again with our garbage. Instead we should look at what we already have in circulation and try to make new use out if the existing materials and fabrics to find ways to give them new life. It’s no secret that we need to change our consumer behaviour, and what easiest way to start by simply swapping your clothes with a few friends instead of buying new ones? It creates exciting change in your wardrobe and at the same time saves water, fossil fuels, & a whole bunch of harmful chemicals that are being used for the production of new fashion.

Q13. Do you think Seams For Dreams have made more people turn towards second and vintage fashion? Have you seen a change in the mindset of people over the years?

Absolutely! The fashion industry worldwide has gone through a massive shift over the past five years, & we are seeing its effects in India, too. New brands like Doodle age that are completely into the use of “waste fabrics” have become very established & are doing exceptionally well! The next generation of fashion influencers is going to approach the creation of new products very differently than the fast fashion sellers of the past twenty years. This is visible with initiatives by major Indian fashion schools like FAD picking up their game with upcycled projects and showcasing them at the biggest fashion weeks around the world from Paris to Milan!

Q14. Do you wish to make Seams For Dreams international?

I think a more responsible approach to fashion is already an international movement and SFD is doing it’s work across the globe in the Indian community. We are from India, for India, and we are proud to be an Indian venture!

My mother told me, “Second hand clothes are better than buying something new”. As a child, I hated that she would never buy me something new. Now I understand why she was right. It’s an important lesson to learn that life is not all about our own desires but that the stories of people are much more valuable, & today I run a charity foundation around this principle. Check out SeamsForDreams & donate your own clothes to help someone in need.

Q15. Awareness is a stepping stone to a sustainable lifestyle. What’s the one eco-action you are eager to engage the audience in?

Composting! Soil is the only place on earth that can transform death into life! Start making your own organic soil from your kitchen waste so it doesn’t get lost in a toxic landfill. If you’re into gardening, you’ll see a massive change using such nutritious soil, and if you’re not into gardening, your neighborhood plants will tank you if you offer your soil to them!

Q16. How do you wish to leave a positive impact on society?

In every way possible! “Be the change you want to see” is not just a beautiful line, but it is a call to action to walk the talk!

Q17. With a fashion-based charity foundation, how do you wish to help less fortunate strata/sections of our country?

The three basic needs of every human are food, shelter, & clothing. We are focused on bringing relief to those less-resourced communities in India that are in need of appropriate clothing.


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