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Elbuor- India’s First Diabetic-Friendly Range Of Snacks!

Introducing Elbuor, India’s first diabetic-friendly range of snacks that embody quality, sophistication, fine finish, and an exclusive gustatory experience! Elbuor is a pioneer in the Indian market to make use of monk fruit as a sweetener in their products and create foods that are unlike any other! These products are well researched, exquisite, and represent a sense of class and stature in fusion gastronomy. The products are manufactured in an artisanal fashion and are esoteric. However, they are not outlandish and can be consumed by anyone trying to switch to foods with a lower glycemic index.

The brains behind Elbuor is Chef & Founder, Rouble Chhabra. For Rouble, the realization was that there is a huge gap in the market for diabetic-friendly snacks and foods. When this thought dawned upon her, she did not hold back and created a brand where the products are medically approved, are vegan, and have a low glycemic index.

They make use of rare ingredients that are not readily available in the market and hence are new to the consumers. The idea behind Elbuor is to enable a greater sense of food inclusivity through these superior and rarefied products.

Jackfruit flour is the number one ingredient that helps keep diabetes in control. Elbuor’s Jackfruit Flour Crackers are baked, vegan and gluten-free and have no preservatives. Their heart shape makes them different and makes it easy to enjoy them with a dip. They come in three flavors- Peri Peri, Korean Kick, and Lemon & Herbs.

Rouble Chhabra Signature Collection- 70% Dark Chocolates come in a box of 4 variants- Classic, Hazelnut Caramel Coffee, Butterscotch Crackle, and Almond. They are India’s first monk fruit sweetener-based chocolate made from 100% pure cocoa butter. The chocolates are diabetic-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free. The chocolates are made using natural alternatives to stabilizers and do not make use of vegetable oil which allows them to resist temperature change and have a shelf life of 6 months.

Rouble started working in the culinary industry at a very young age. Her Bachelors's degree from Culinary Institute of America and her Masters's Degree in Food Policy Studies and Farm to Table Concentration lead her to take up a degree in Food Law. She went on to work under seasoned chefs at some of the best brands in the world! While her father is an industrialist himself and Rouble knew she wanted to undertake an entrepreneurial journey herself, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that she realized that she wanted to start Elbuor!

When asked how her products are different from other sugar-free and sugar-less foods in the market, Rouble says, “Low glycemic index of food makes it diabetic friendly. Products that don’t use sugar but use large amounts of vegetable oil and salt do not make the food diabetic-friendly. The choices for health food products in the market are growing by the day, however, what separates us from most is the fact that we use rarefied products for instance monk fruit sweetener in our chocolates. This is India’s first.” Rouble is also on her way to launching a book with diabetic-friendly dishes which she thinks will help a lot of customers navigate through snacking and consuming foods with a low glycemic index.

Elbuor’s products are available to order online from their own website and can be purchased from Dorabjees Stores all over Pune starting March 2022. Elbuor wants to make snacking easy for those looking to consume foods with a lower glycemic index and wants the customers to be able to trust them as they embark upon this journey!

The Indian palette has tastes and preferences that are almost set in stone. Elbuor wants to challenge this heuristic and introduce a range of products to the market that makes snacking much easier on the body and guilt-free to the mind! Let’s see if India is ready for this!


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