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Donna Deli Finally Reveals Donna As They Launch Their Breakfast To Brunch

Donna Deli - Donna Deli is the first-of-a-kind casual dining and bar which not only has a great outdoor area but also is a one-of-a-kind place that specializes in Asian and Italian.

You know it is going to be amazing when they bring together the serial hospitality entrepreneurs - Dhaval Udeshi, Pawan Shahri, Nikita Harisinghani with food expert Aditya Wanwari to bring you yet another reason to rejoice this season. After various successful ventures they are bringing to you a concept like never before - Donna Deli is the first of a kind to bring The concept of Breakfast to Brunch in Town - completely utilizing the white colors of the space. The soothing white interior paired with the chef’s special sweet and savory breakfast to brunch options is a match made in heaven.

“From the getgo, we wanted to create a space that can easily transform from coffee to breakfast, to brunch, to drunch, high tea, and then dinner and drinks, so it was imperative for us to serve an all-day breakfast,” said Dhaval Udeshi, partner.

The eggs menu ranges from fine eggs benedict, Turkish eggs to a simple Parsi home style eggs Akuri. To make it more exciting, the team at Donna Deli has also added a brekkie burger which is fried egg, sausages grilled to perfection as the patty, sauce bedded between a lightly toasted house made brioche bun. The newest addition also includes a breakfast pizza which is basically a mild spiced shakshuka poached egg on a 10 inch crispy pizza base!

The main attraction and the showstopper of the breakfast to brunch menu are the brunch sweet treats which includes the Nutella French toast - 2 brioche buns drizzled with a generous amount of Nutella, callebaut choc chip brownie bits, caramel popcorn is a HOUSE FAVORITE ! It is a sure shot of pure indulgence on a plate. The red velvet strawberry and cream french toast is here to win your hearts - A brioche bun layered with cinnamon sugar, French vanilla bean ice cream and topped with fresh strawberries. A dish unheard in the city- Donna Deli is to introduce ‘Taco Pancakes’ - Two pancakes shaped in a taco shape, piped with two options of strawberry and cream or Lotus Biscoff topped with whipped cream with pistachios and caramel popcorn.

But breakfast to brunch also means sandwiches for many. The showstopper of this culinary delight is the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos cheese and chilly French toast. There will be Toastie options of avocado on toast or a mushroom truffle toast - all in a bed of house made sourdough. You will also get Brioche sandwiches like the pure comfort pepperoni marinara sandwich – grilled pepperoni with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese and a classic ham and cheese with drizzled sriracha and pickled jalapeños.

“The concept behind the ‘breakfast to brunch’ is to use the white colours of our space & make Donna deli known as the best breakfast to brunch place in town. The soothing white interior paired with our chef special sweet and savoury breakfast to brunch options are a match made in heaven . We’ve tried to make highly instagramable dishes like the Nutella French toast and lotus biscoff pancake tacos which are an absolute crowd favourite ! We’ve also curated pure comfort sandwiches like the pepperoni marinara sandwich which is basically crispy seasoned pepperoni with pizza pasta sauce and pickled jalapeños and the in season strawberry and cream pancake tacos . We’ve got a balance of sweet & savoury and is a proper delight once paired with our house special gin gossip cocktail and our vodka based donnas passion!” says, Aditya Wanwari.

Further, Donna Deli takes it a step further and is marrying fashion and food at their restaurant-lounge. How you ask? Donna Deli has the interest piqued of many – everyone has been asking who the inspirational Lady Donna is? The prominent feature - a mannequin of a lady named Donna will be styled by Eshaa Amiin at the entryway every season. DONNA, as the name suggests, conjures a story of a woman with a past who vicariously lives her desires through being surrounded by quirks that pour out of her imagination. A White Goth daydream, pretty as a rose (the Donna Deli crest) yet lined with the rebellion of black nail paint and deep kohl eyes. Eshaa Amiin's fantastic sense of style is evident in her work as a stylist to some of Bollywood's biggest personalities, including Karisma Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Sanjana Sanghi, Ishaan Khatter, Neeraj Chopra Pooja Hegde, Bipasha Basu, Chitrangada Singh, and many. She's now collaborating with Donna Deli and using her magic wand to transform the Donna Deli Mannequin into something never seen before.

“To me style has always meant something more than what you wear. It’s exciting to be collaborating with homegrown designers on this concept to dress ‘Donna’ every season. Donna will be dressed in a new avatar every now and then and we will be using a variety of fantastic designers that are both established and new. The concept is a great way to promote and encourage Indian designers. I can’t wait to show you what’s in store!” says Eshaa Amiin.

There you have it! Myriads of reasons to visit Donna Deli – the food, the sweet and savoury breakfast, the ambience, the coffee, the conversation but also to meet lady Donna and check out her attire!

Address – Ground floor, Manorama chambers, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Bandra West, W, Maharashtra 400050


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