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Dobaraa is the quintessential bar! There are no frills and graces at Dobaraa, it’s the simple joy of drinking your Copa with pride and responsibility and coming back for more, as in do-bar-aa!

Dobaraa is design agnostic, with the sole purpose of creating that vibe that makes you wanna take on the world, and that’s what we have inscribed unabashedly on our wall, ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’.

We are not a ‘Speak Easy’ rather we are a ‘Fully Licensed Premises’. So! just like our music, you can be loud and uninhibited. Only if it pleases you and others around you, we want you to be merry (responsibly) than miserable.

Whilst the world is going breweries! we appreciate and respect the quality and effort of our very own Mumbai brewers young, hungry and eager. So! We do not brew our own but we fetch from the best available. If you would like any hidden gems to be listed on our menu, please do let us know and we will be glad to consider, you see, we don’t know it all and our patrons are our partners.

We are not shy of putting Indian and World spirits on the same platform (in this case on our bar-shelves) shoulder to shoulder these bottles stand tall and taller when poured!!

We don't hold back our punches, i.e. cocktails we aim to please offering you not just mixed beverages but moods, ahem! We mean calm, frolic, frivolous, walking-on-the-ceiling! we invent, reinvent and observe new ones every now and then at every table or corner.

The space elegant in places, and grunge in others, yet it is easy on the eye. Curated lighting with well-appointed speakers belting the tunes of our DJs, make you groove and at times, go crazy, we know how to make you dance.

Varied table seating and a long well-appointed bar with highchairs for those who want to get closer to their poison and strike a conversation with our bar team.

And yes, we do move tables if you wanna shake a leg!

And, our food is comfort food at its finest. Incorporating traditional cuisine techniques with a sophisticated playful touch. Kept in mind to complement your drink, the food promises to keep up with our philosophy of nonchalant fun dining/gourmet experience.

We have launched our first Dobaraa of many in Phoenix Palladium. We are open from noon till late and are well-served by a team of speech and hearing impaired staff alongside a team of experienced managers and bartenders.


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