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Demy launches At Kamala Mills, Giving Lower Parel An All-Day Café Restaurant Bar

South Mumbai was missing on a boho chic all-day Café with great vibes, superb cocktails, and excellent food. Demy, the all-day cafe, and bar, is here to save the day with its vision to be the talk of the town as it enables you to munch on some of the most authentic drinks and dishes that you never knew you would crave for. Are you in?

Founded by filmmaker Sanjay Shetty and the serial hospitalitipreneurs Chrome Hospitality comprising of Dhaval Udeshi, Pawan Shahri, and Nikita Harsinghani, Demy is the space that South Mumbai needed – a casual café for a cup of coffee and dessert that can go to lunch, dinner and drinks with as much ease. With Demy’s mammoth lanterns and a white and nude colour scheme, you can relax and live in the moment with a delicious array of food and dessert. The entryway is strewn with pebbles and reminiscent of the European tropical cafés, and the space boasts over three floors – each floor having something aesthetic for you to feast your eyes on. The top floor is an aesthetic outdoor garden terrace with sophisticated cabanas and a well-stocked bar. With the launch of Demy, you will have found the next favourite restaurant that nudges you in the direction of a wholesome and flavoursome gastronomical journey of a lifetime. Demy is a feminine name that resembles the core ambiance of the place and its European tropical vibes. The interiors are synonymous with the artistic and gifted Spiro Spero, who has added a modern touch to the interiors of Demy while its aesthetic is inspired by the tropics.

“With Demy, we want to create a refreshing and pleasant environment for patrons where different people can experience an exemplary culinary journey and can meet each other and build a community,” said Dhaval Udeshi. On its way to becoming the most regularly-visited restaurant in Mumbai, Demy hopes to serve the food lovers of the city the delightful taste of pure, original, and tantalizing food.

Whether you are craving for a top-notch restaurant-style Bombay Masala Pizza, some snackible nibbles like Peri Peri Lotus Stem Chips, or even some delicious Aglio Olio Spaghetti. Demy’s versatile menu has a myriad of options that will calm the storm in your bellies. Demy specializes in exemplary global cuisines. Indulge your senses in the aromas of authentic spices and enjoy the classy surroundings of the restaurant complete with an impressive bar area with great hospitality and great food. The venue is perfect for group gatherings or just an intimate meal for two!

“Demy is a place where you can grab a coffee, eat a wholesome meal, and drink at the same time. The menu of Demy is a global comfort menu where there is something for every day- from all-day breakfast to mains. Each floor on demy will have a different culinary experience. Over time, we aspire to make Demy a pan India brand and open an outlet in all the metropolitan cities,” said Sanjay Shetty.

The inspiration behind Demy’s menu was to create an ingredient-focused and global comfort menu, using local and seasonal ingredients which cater to every customer’s preferences. The food is prepared by skilled chefs who use aromatic herbs, and fresh products and apply special cooking techniques so each dish symbolizes originality and deliciousness. The mouth-watering menu offers a wide variety of scrumptious dishes such as Pepperoni Marinara Sandwiches, Butter Chicken Naan Bombs, Spicy Chicken Dimsums, Spicy Tuna Rolls, Tagliatelle In Spicy Red Sauce (with the option of a chicken bolognese add-on), and Butter Chicken/ Paneer Makhni with Kulcha as well as many dishes for vegetarians such as Demy Signature Avo Toast, Firecracker Veg Dimsums, Truffle Mushroom Purple Rice Roll, Truffle Mushroom Risotto, Yaki Udon Noodles, and Smoked White Butter Dal Makhani with Jeera Rice amongst others. To add the perfect cherry on top of a wonderful dining experience, the menu also includes sweet delicacies such as Nutella San Sebastián Cheesecake, Coffee Tres Leches Pull Me Up, and many more! With fantastic customer service coupled with impeccable food and a great atmosphere that guarantees you a great dining experience, Demy provides a lovely setting for birthdays, as well as corporate functions.

As a culinary journey of good food and fine cocktails: Demy promises to serve you the most delicious signature, old-fashioned, mimosa & sparkling wine cocktails, Demy sangrias, mocktails, and more! You can start with a Sherlock in a Pickle, a signature and savoury cocktail inspired by a few of Sherlock’s favourite ingredients such as Earl Grey infused vodka, in-house beetroot wine reduction, rose syrup, fresh sweet lime juice & pickled gherkins over crushed ice. If a glass of wine is your jam, then you must try the Demy Beats, an elegantly adventurous cocktail using Rosemary-infused gin, lime, in-house rosemary, and ginger syrup, topped up with sparkling wine and edible gold dust. Demy also has you covered with delicious sangrias of which the Rosso Aperol sangria is a pleasant and must-try drink served with Aperol Liquere, orange & apple juice, granulated sugar, red wine, and dehydrated fruits. If you are the classic kind, you can opt for the Newyork Sour, concocted with bourbon whisky, lemon juice, homemade red wine syrup, and blood orange juice, with a dash of aromatic bitters.

So what are you waiting for? With a pinch of passion in every dish, new flavours, and exchanging old memories with your loved ones, get ready to embark on a flavoursome journey of a lifetime at the brand-new Demy Cafe and Bar!

Address: Kamala Mills Compound, A Wing, Ground Floor, Trade Centre, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013


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