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Bun & Chefs: Food For A Cause - An Initiative By Bun & Only

What if we tell you that every month, you can relish an exclusive new burger at Bun & Only? It doesn't stop at that, the folks at Bun & Only have teamed up with renowned chefs/culinary geniuses in Mumbai to curate a range of limited edition burgers each month for you to have the ultimate gourmet burger experience!

On World Burger Day, Team Bun & Only is delighted to announce the launch of an exciting property called the Bun & Chefs, featuring talented chefs and entrepreneurs like Chef Karishma Sakhrani, Chef Seefah Ketchaiyo, to create limited edition delicious burgers that will launch each month and will be available for a said period. Along with this exciting series, the team has also decided that 10% of the sale from this campaign each month will be donated towards the noble Mission Oxygen foundation.

Speaking of the property, Sameer Uttamsingh says, "At Bun & Only we introduced the city to a gourmet burger experience delivered to your doorstep. We’ve been pushing the envelope hard over the year, and have been constantly innovating; with more than six new burgers added to the menu since launch. We now want to take this experience of "seriously unique but delicious" to the next level by collaborating with our friends from the hospitality industry to design limited-edition burgers for the menu. For this property, we have tied up with Mission Oxygen in a way that we will be sharing proceeds from the sale of the special burgers with them in their endeavor to help India breathe again by donating oxygen concentrators and setting up oxygen generation plants."

Well, we cannot wait to reveal what’s in store for you, but for now, here’s a sneak peek from our first launch by Chef Karishma Sakhrani, the scrumptious, BBQ Jackfruit & Guac made of Pulled jackfruit in a smoky bbq sauce topped with rainbow slaw, guacamole, and fried shallots. Doesn’t it sound delicious? Well, it sure gets more interesting as the new burger is completely Vegan!! You heard it right!! Chef Karishma has ensured that everything from the bread to the mayo has been made in-house from scratch to create Bun & Only's first Vegan Burger!

Speaking of the association, Chef Karishma Sakhrani says, "I'm super excited to be a part of Bun & Chefs! It's a great endeavor to help people in these times while doing something I love. Staying close to my cooking style and what I'm best known for, I’ve created Bun & Only's first vegan burger - The BBQ Jackfruit & Guac. It's vegan, it's naughty yet a little nice, everything is made in-house from scratch and it comes together as a wholesome, juicy, messy, and ugly-delicious burger. The jackfruit when pulled and cooked correctly has the most incredible meaty texture. Even the hardest carnivores won’t be able to tell! I tweaked the signature bun recipe to make it vegan-friendly, made an egg and dairy-free garlic mayo, carefully pulled fresh jackfruit to create a meaty texture, and made a barbecue sauce from scratch which has a smoky, spicy, and slightly sweet flavour. Flirting with a multitude of flavours, tastes, and textures, this burger promises to hit the spot!"

Are you set to indulge in some exclusive gourmet burgers by these culinary geniuses? We can't wait to reveal our next curations!


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