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Anushka Sharma Kickstarts Call For Circular Fashion By Sharing Her Favourite Maternity Pieces

The Actress and philanthropist sheds light on the environmental imperative of preloved clothing. Anushka Sharma's passion for protecting nature and the planet has shone through many of her initiatives and messages to her fan base. Now, she's raising awareness about an area of life through which each of us can have a huge positive impact through a small behavioural change - embracing circular fashion.

"During my pregnancy, I realised that this transient time is perfect to participate in the circular fashion economy," says Anushka. "These are pieces we will wear for a few months, so when I learned more about the resources that go into making them, I thought it was crucial to build an ecosystem through which we can share our clothes and buy from each other! For instance, if even just 1% of pregnant women in urban India bought 1 piece of maternity clothing preloved over newly manufactured, each year we can conservatively save about as much water as a person drinks in over 200 years."

So Anushka is kickstarting the ecosystem by sharing her maternity pieces for an online sale, and proceeds will support maternal health through SNEHA. The pieces will be available on social enterprise Dolce Vee's website at, and the pieces Anushka has shared here contribute to saving over 2.5 lakh litres of water - underscoring the large impact that each person's participation in the preloved market can have.

"I'm a big believer in sharing, and I'm excited to see who's next to make these pieces their own!", says Anushka, signing off.

*estimates calculated using the Dolce Vee Environmental Footprint Calculator built in partnership with CERE


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