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All craft and preservative free Oktoberfest at Effingut Breweries 

Every year towards the end of September, thousands of people flock to Munich to celebrate the world-famous Oktoberfest filled with music, laughter, and cheer. There’s no bigger love than the love for beer and every beer enthusiast will agree to this! Effingut holds the same emotion and is back with Oktoberfest this year, now with the liberty to pick their beer and dishes specially curated for this season!

‘Go all craft and preservative-free’ is Effingut’s focal point this year along with the spent grain pretzels, the new entry in the brewery’s 2020 menu, along with this there are a few combos one could also indulge in. A personal connection that goes back for years, Effingut brews the traditional/ conventional Oktoberfest beer called Marzen every year. It is traditionally brewed in March and lagered in cold waves over the summer. Being driven by the malts, it is a light body, creamy brew with dry biscuity notes; best enjoyed in a stein. Who would mind some delish food tagging along with your favorite brew? The chef’s curated special dishes namely Grilled Chicken with Herbed Potatoes, Hunter’s Chicken and spent grain Pretzels fit just right for people to indulge in. The best part? You can pick your favorites from their Effingut 2 Go outlets in Mumbai and Pune.

We bet Effingut’s Oktoberfest will tempt the cerevisaphile like a moth to a flame.

Where: All outlets in Mumbai & Pune

Date & Times: 12th October onwards

Contact: 7620038888

Price: Combos available


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